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Tips for getting stuff done and surviving life!

I’ve always wanted to write a bullet point list of tips, so here’s some! Just random tips based on my experiences.

  1. If you can’t concentrate at home, go to the library to study.
  2. Put YouTube/streaming service/podcast on while you wash up the dishes if you don’t want to wash up.
  3. N95 masks prevent pollen and stuff.
  4. Listening to podcasts while you drive might be making you tired. If you are worn out after a > 30-minute drive, try not listening to a podcast.
  5. If you want to read, go to a park nearby to prevent distractions. (Related to the first one I know, but mindset is important.)
  6. Wear sunscreen.
  7. Get your skin checked.
  8. For that matter, go to the dentist and GP for check-ups. You may be able to try teaching dentists too, it may be cheaper.
  9. Make chores bearable by putting on YouTube or podcasts.
  10. Or be mindful of the joy that a clean house can bring!
  11. If you’re tired, try to actually go to bed and sleep, rather than pushing through until you’re really tired.
  12. If you can’t sleep, maybe it’s too hot or you are unknowingly thirsty. Try to fix those so your body knows it’s OK to sleep.
  13. Drink water! If you find it boring, add lemon juice, or a bit of iced tea, or cucumber slices, stuff like that to make it more interesting.
  14. Make an emergency snack box that you can grab and go in a hurry with some non-perishable snacks in case you have to go out suddenly.
  15. Leave water and a change of clothes in the car, you might need to wash something or change out of dirty or wet clothes.

(Image taken by me at Wineglass Bay, Tasmania, Australia)

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